Antennas and antenna systems

We design antenna systems and can carry out all the necessary connections and measurements for TV and radio aerials. We are a vendor-independentsystem supplier who designs, implements and maintains all types of antenna systems–including cabling–for residential buildings and office blocks. 

Our high-quality installation work ensures that potential faults can be quickly repaired, the AV (audio visual) equipment functions without problems and the image quality is high. Thanks to our long experience, we can expertly carry out modernisations of old systems as well.

Our offering


Users’ wishes for arrangements such as extra antenna outlets can be easily accounted for in the planning phase of a new antenna system.

We take care of all connections and measurements related to the use and maintenance of the antenna network. Our licences and certificates are always up-to-date, as our measuring instruments, ensuring the best possible quality for our deliveries.

Conveniently for our clients, we can also carry out the electrical engineering. This means you do not have to look for another supplier for electrical installation work.

Antenna network measurements indicates the reason for slow network

An antenna network measurement can reveal what is causing the problems. We can usually find the right solution for the clients quickly, rendering the network efficient and reliable again. A reliable network contributes to user convenience.

The antenna signal strength and quality can be determined by carrying out an antenna network signal measurement. On the basis of the measurement, we propose corrective measures for strengthening the signal. The measurement should be carried out for example when your image quality varies.