Caverion Safety Connection alarm transfer system

Caverion Safety Connection ensures that all client's alarms are delivered at the intended destination. A line fault monitored connection forwards fire alarms, crime alarms or fault alarms directly to the alarm centre or to the client’s own contact persons. 

Caverion Safety Connection can be delivered as a wireless or wired solution. It uses the Alerta network. A total of 16 alarm points can be linked to the service. The service is applicable to situations that require alarm transfer functionality:

  • Fire alarm
  • Intruder alarm
  • Property alarm
  • Equipment fault alarm
  • Lift alarm

Our offering

We have expertise in all areas of alarm transfer covering the entire life cycle of the property from installation to maintenance. A single partner simplifies matters.

A cost-efficient solution for alarm transfer

Caverion Safety Connection is a cost-efficient way of improving operational reliability in alarm transfer: initial cost from €700 and monthly fee from €60 (VAT 0%). The cost of the service depends on the extent of the service and the number of alarms.