Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Our ventilation and air conditioning offer includes traditional HVAC solutions and industry specific advanced solutions. Ventilation is used for the exchange of air to the outside as well as the circulation of air within the building. An array of technology varies from ventilation ducts and air handling units (AHUs) to high-end clean room solutions and industrial air handling. Air conditioning typically means solutions for the altering of air humidity and temperature to create more comfortable indoor conditions. The technology includes, for example, air conditioners, heat pumps heat exchangers, and heat recovery systems.

Efficient ventilation technology and a comfortable indoor climate are, together with heating and sanitation technology, the yardsticks of modern building services. Our range of expertise and references in this area is, therefore, extensive.

We have installed ventilation and air-conditioning systems in all building types 

  • office buildings
  • hotels
  • shopping centres
  • airports
  • event and trade fair halls
  • sports venues
  • hospitals
  • laboratory
  • clean room projects
  • industrial settings and production plants. 

In addition, we deliver and install heat recovery systems, including chemical air-cleaning systems.

Authorities have defined certain criteria for these works to make sure that the quality of the work is at a professional level. Our employees have required licences and qualifications to fulfil these demands.

Control room and Call Centre works in close cooperation

24/7 service is available for this discipline, by monitoring and operating remotely from Caverion's control room we provide supervision and responses to building system processes in a more energy efficient way. The control room is run by highly skilled engineers who can either monitor the functions of the building systems or remotely test and adjust the processes in malfunction situations.

The control room works in close cooperation with the Call Centre personnel who register the service requests from the customers. Together, these activities form Caverion's customer service centre which is available for contract customers on any day and at any time.