• FI Nummikeskus

Nummikeskus, Hämeenlinna, Finland

During the cooperation project, my impression of Caverion as a highly capable provider grew stronger. I could recommend Caverion for their flexible operating model and the fact that they listen to the customer and deliver on their promise. The customer portal provides a very smooth way to take care of things between the user and the provider.
Markku Rimpelä, Strategy Director of the city of Hämeenlinna

Service Areas

  • Technical Maintenance
  • Design & Engineering
  • Project Execution
  • Managed Services


  • Information & Communication Services
  • Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Security & Safety
  • Heating & Sanitation
  • Electricity
  • Automation

Client Segments

  • Public - Real Estate
  • Public - Buildings
  • Public - Education


  • Sports facilities
  • Day-care centre
  • School

The city of Hämeenlinna had a clear idea of the conditions that the building should have. To get started with planning, Caverion received a functional description of the property, detailing how the building is used and what kind of activities it hosts and the required maximum and minimum surface areas required for various functions. In the school, the pupils will be taught in an open space that will not have any traditional classrooms.

Life cycle model provides better conditions for the entire life cycle

Caverion executed the project using the life cycle model with a responsibility period of 20 years. 

Optimising the premises and the use of energy and high-quality indoor climate and security have been integrated into one building management system (Caverion Drive). Conditions and their monitoring are automated, and all systems can be controlled remotely from the Remote Centre. Over 900 sensors have been placed all over the property to monitor the conditions. 

Caverion's customer portal enables the property user to monitor the functions of the property. The portal also increases transparency between the user and the supplier.

The building shell is protected with an intrusion detection system, which for instance enables protecting different floors as separate areas. All issues, including intrusions, send an alarm to Caverion's Remote Centre.

The life cycle model gives the service provider the possibility to optimise execution and take responsibility of the costs for the entire life cycle. As a result, the city of Hämeenlinna is aware of the operational costs of the property for the entire life cycle agreement, making their budgeting easy. 

“Caverion has strengthened the trust established when cooperating in the procurement and construction process by listening to the users of the premises and promptly fixing deficiencies. For us in Hämeenlinna it is particularly important to succeed in the first life cycle procurement. A strong successful cooperation with Caverion is the key to success,” says Markku Rimpelä, Strategy Director of the city of Hämeenlinna.


The project was started in 2017. The property was completed in 2018, and the responsibility period of the life cycle model is 20 years.

The property is used by

  • Nummi comprehensive school, 900 pupils
  • Morning and afternoon activities for pupils, about 100 children
  • About 100 personnel
  • The library of Nummi, maternity and child health clinic, and cultural services for youth and children

    900 sensors monitoring building performance

    Real time visibility of data from Caverion SmartView

    Caverion Drive BMS brings all the following integrated systems under single graphical user interface

    • 160 VAVs
    • 11 bus connected energy meters
    • 23 BACnet VSD
    • 11 BACnet pumps
    • Dali lightning control
    • Autrosafe fire detection system
    • Creston AV-system