Are you ready to make data-driven decisions? Are you keen on reducing your carbon footprint and saving energy while improving productivity and your employer brand? As a solutions provider we combine advisory services, hardware, software and data analytics to address customer requirements with a complete solution. 

Our cutting-edge scalable digital technologies collect, combine and analyse data, to enable correct and smart decisions, thus setting the direction for the future. Our energy solutions deliver optimal outcome.

We accompany you along the way to modernizing your existing buildings or sites, starting with consulting services such as SRI or energy advisory, followed by the implementation of modular technical upgrades, tailored to your building or site and use case.

Why should you consider making your existing building smart?

  • Reduce emissions, save energy and meet sustainability targets
  • Meet legal requirements and regulations set by the EU
  • Improve transparency 
  • Enhance property and employer attractiveness and employee satisfaction
  • Improve security
  • Optimize your building operations with IoT & AI- powered intelligence and insights
  • Improve productivity and reduce downtime with predictive and prescriptive analytics

What are the benefits for the users?

  • Modern user experience
  • Healthy and comfortable user conditions
  • Enhanced productivity
Buildings and infrastructure - Building Smart Performance  Industrial solutions - Smart solutions for industrial production and processes
Advisory services such as SRI, energy advisory  Smart solutions powered by IoT & AI
Scalable digital solutions and smart technologies High-end digital solutions for maintenance management and development
Energy efficiency and environmental management  Maintenance consulting
Contract types: Energy Performance Contracting, Energy saving guarantee in EPC and ESCO commercial models