Design and consulting of industrial investment projects using 3D digitisation, virtual and visualisation technologies

The initial stage of industrial investment projects is often slowed down by the same problem: it is…

The initial stage of industrial investment projects is often slowed down by the same problem: it is difficult to form a consensus on the big picture. Complex plans and calculations are only comprehensible to technical experts, which slows down decision-making. However, there is a simple solution to the problem.

Better decision making for industrial investment projects

We make the big picture easy to understand at an early stage by utilizing 3D digitization, and virtual and visualization technologies. We take responsibility for achieving a common understanding between the stakeholders of the investment project.

When the big picture is clear to everyone, the real needs for investment are easier to identify. This improves the conditions for problem solving and decision-making. You save time and money when everyone is on the same page from the start.


Involving stakeholders with 3D digitization, virtual and visualization techniques

Making the most of 3D digitization, virtual and visualization technologies at an early stage of investment projects allows for a clear understanding of the overall picture. Project stakeholders immediately have the opportunity to comment on the plans and get involved. People who are resistant to change start seeing it more positively and solutions become more user-friendly and error-free.

We can help with the planning and implementation of industrial investment projects, for example:

  • Presentations of investment projects and factory investments
  • Layout design
  • Process design
  • Detail design
  • Steel structure design
  • Piping design
  • Mapping and measurement services
  • Presentations of the installation phase of the investment project
  • Installation supervision
  • Managing investment projects


Experience in planning industrial investment projects

Caverion's experts have extensive experience in planning investment projects. We use 3D/4D/5D visualisations that make it easier to reach a common understanding. We help identify the real needs of the project and actively interact with you.

Contact us and we will show concrete examples of investment projects where visuality has facilitated project design and implementation.


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