Our business types

Caverion’s offering covers the whole value chain from the installation and maintenance business to advisory services during the entire life cycle of buildings, infrastructure or industrial sites and processes. Through our business units, Services and Projects, we operate in 10 countries in Northern and Central Europe. As a result of the high share of our Services business, more than half of our revenue is recurring service and maintenance work. Our operating model is based on our strong local presence while sharing common expertise across locations.

Caverion aims to grow throughout its businesses and divisions with focus on evolving its business mix towards Solutions business at the higher end of the value chain, including Advisory, Engineering and Digital solutions, Managed Services as well as Smart solutions. In these categories, the growth outlook, the margin potential and the focus on acquisitive growth are higher.


Base disciplines: technical installation and maintenance for heating and sanitation, ventilation and air conditioning and electricity

Smart disciplines: technical installation and maintenance for building automation, refrigeration, security and safety, audiovisual systems, electric vehicles and other highly specialised disciplines

Managed Services: managing property on behalf of owners and coordinating facility management services

Advisory, Engineering & Digital: energy and sustainability specialist and delivery services and other advisory services, design management and large project development and management as well as digital and automation solutions


Pictures: Caverion's Capital Markets Day 2022