Financial targets

Caverion updated its financial targets on 9 May 2022. Caverion’s mid-term financial targets until the end of 2025 are:

Financial targets

Cash conversion (LTM) Operating cash flow before financial and tax items / EBITDA  > 100%
Profitability Adjusted EBITA > 5.5% of revenue
Organic revenue growth 3−4% p.a. over the strategy period
M&A revenue growth 2−3% p.a. over the strategy period
Debt leverage Net debt/LTM Adjusted EBITDA < 2.5x
Dividend policy Distribute at least 50% of the result for the year after taxes, however, taking leverage level into account


Actions to reach the profitability target:

  • Growth throughout businesses and divisions
  • Focus on evolving business mix towards Solutions business at the higher end of the value chain, including Advisory, Engineering and Digital solutions, Managed Services as well as Smart solutions
  • Operating and financial leverage as well as improving scalability and efficiency
  • Productivity improvement by sharing common expertise across the company
  • IT and digital transformation
  • M&A activities


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