Caverion share

The total number of shares in Caverion was 138,920,092 and the number of shares outstanding was 136,881,609 on 28 March 2023. The Company has a single series of shares, and each share entitles its holder to one vote at the General Meeting of the Company. The Company’s shares have no nominal value.

All of the shares are publicly listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. Caverion is a public limited company organised under the laws of the Republic of Finland, incorporated on the Effective Date of the Demerger from YIT Corporation on 30 June 2013. The trading with Caverion shares commenced on 1 July 2013. 

Caverion Corporation does not have any stock option programmes in place. The company has share-based long-term incentive plans in place for senior management and key employees (see stock exchange releases 21 December 20177 February 201818 December 201818 December 2019, 9 December 2020 and 14 December 2021).

The Company’s business name is Caverion Corporation, and it was entered in the Finnish Trade Register maintained by the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland on 30 June 2013. The Company is legally domiciled in Helsinki. Its head office is located at Torpantie 2, FI-01650 Vantaa, Finland, and its telephone number is +358 10 4071.