Transactions by the management

The management of Caverion Corporation (Chairman of the Board of Directors, members of the Board of Directors, President and CEO and other top management named by the President and CEO) are requested to follow the instructions below for notifying transactions as of July 3, 2016, in accordance with the Market Abuse Regulation ((EU) No 596/2014, ”MAR”).

Time limits

  • The transaction notification shall be made promptly and no later than two (2) working days from the transaction.
  • Caverion Corporation has an obligation to disclose the notification as a stock exchange release no later than two business days from the receipt of the transaction notification.

Instructions for making a transaction notification

1. Please fill in the transaction notification form

Upload the form (pdf)

Information needed on the form
Caverion Oyj’s LEI code 7437007ECQWVPCJIS695 
Trading symbol of Caverion Oyj's shares  CAV1V
ISIN codes of Caverion Oyj's shares  FI4000062781
Notification reference  Generated automatically on the form

2. Please send the form as an e-mail attachment to the Financial Supervisory Authority and Caverion Corporation

  • Do not send the form by regular mail because of the tight deadline!
  • Sending to the Financial Supervisory Authority: Go to and send the form as a secured e-mail to
  • Sending to Caverion Corporation: Send the form as an e-mail attachment to
    • Please add also your phone number to the e-mail so that Caverion may contact you in case of any questions.
    • In case of any problems, please contact: