01.07.2020 Press release

What is the future of our cities? Explore Caverion Smart City

On the “Caverion Smart City” website users can explore how cities can help mend the effects of climate change and how this provides immediate benefits to property owners, tenants and end-users


Currently cities account for more than 70 percent of the world’s total CO2 emissions and use a third of the world’s energy. In the EU area alone, buildings account for approximately 40 percent of the emissions.

But cities have the power to change the world and our future. On the new Caverion Smart City interactive website at smartcity.caverion.com visitors can explore how interconnected, smart technology and smart outcome based investment decisions can make old and new buildings more intelligent, energy and cost efficient and contribute to a more sustainable future and people’s well-being.

“Modernising existing buildings and sites optimises their value and makes operations more cost-efficient. And the end-users of the facilities are happier and more productive as they benefit from healthy indoor conditions and human-centric services“, says Thomas Hietto, Deputy CEO of Caverion.  "Caverion wants to shape this change, combining our experience and expertise with new technological, commercial and customer tailor-made services.”

The smart city page highlights Caverion’s focus on achieving tangible outcomes for customers with intelligent digital and environmentally sustainable solutions. In the interactive customer stories- ranging from office buildings to power plants, grocery stores to hospitals, the Caverion promise of “Building Performance" becomes visible.

“Like all viable cities, also the “Caverion Smart City” will grow over time and is worth more than one visit. While Caverion is partnering with customers on solving new lifecycle challenges every day, the website will include more and more stories in the months to come. Send us your experiences and challenges and we will include them in our city”, says Ines Pettigrew, Vice President of Marketing and Customer Experience.

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