28.03.2023 Stock exchange release

Transfer of Caverion Corporation’s own shares

Transfer of Caverion Corporation’s own shares

Based on the decision of the Board of Directors of Caverion Corporation (the “Company”), a total of 408,964 Company shares have today been transferred as a payment for the rewards in the Company’s Performance Share Plan 2020-2022 and Restricted Share Plan 2020-2022. The decision on the share reward payments was announced in a stock exchange release on 17 March 2023.

The share rewards have been paid with treasury shares held by the Company issued in a directed share issue without payment, so the total number of shares in the Company will not change. Prior to the directed share issue, the Company held a total of 2,447,447 treasury shares, of which 2,038,483 treasury shares remain with the Company after the conveyance.


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