Intrusion Detection systems

In addition to intruders, an intrusion detection system can be set to detect water leaks, fire, an open window or any other anomaly which may put property or personnel at risk. The intrusion detection centre automatically reports an incident by alerting a security company or by sending a message to a mobile phone, for example. 

With the help of an intrusion detection systems connected to video surveillance and access control it can be produced comprehensive data of an incident to be used in, for example, solving crime. 

We are a manufacturer-independent system supplier and represent intrusion detection systems by manufacturers such as: HHL, DSC, ATS and Galax.

Caverion is an accredited supplier of intrusion detection systems (accreditation by the Federation of Finnish Financial Services).  

Our offering

Leasing contract for security alarm systems

Our offering also includes engineering, installation, repair and maintenance services for security alarm systems at a fixed monthly price. The service contract covers the equipment, spare parts, on-site repair and annual maintenance.