Encouraging professional growth

Caverion encourages its employees to pursue professional growth and supports them in learning and developing their skills further. The company uses the 70/20/10 model based on the assumption that 70% of learning takes place on the job, 20% comes from learning from others, and 10% comes from development programmes.

Caverion uses a performance development process to set individual strategy-related targets and development plans for all employees. The performance development process provides an opportunity, both for managers and employees, to give and receive feedback on performance, cooperation and leadership. As a part of the performance development process, every individual is expected to do an individual development plan to develop their current and future competences.

In total in 2017, we organized approximately 3,900 training events which were participated by 20,300 employees. Safety training programs had approximately 9,200 participants and technical discipline, general skills training and education programs approximately 10,000 participants. 

One of the key areas during 2017 has been Project management competence development. We have conducted a survey in most of our divisions to review the competence levels and further development needs. Based on these results we have built a development portfolio that will be launched in all divisions during 2018.