Base salary at Caverion is based on job responsibilities, requirements and experience as well as local market benchmark. Management and most of the salaried employees are included in a performance based Group short-term incentive, project incentive or service incentive plan. Short-term incentives are typically paid annually subject to achievement of the targets.

Performance and development discussions, including target setting and results review, as well as continuous feedback are an integral part of our management system and drive the strategy implementation and achievement of the key targets. Through this process all Caverion employees gain understanding in how they can contribute to Caverion success, what is expected from them and how they can develop their competences and performance.

Caverion also has long-term incentive plans that are targeted to selected key employees. The aim is to align the interests of the shareholders and the senior management and key employees in order to promote shareholder value creation and to commit the key senior management to the company and its strategic targets and to offer them a competitive reward plan based on the ownership of the company’s shares. Commencement of each plan is approved separately by the Board of Directors.