The aim of Caverion’s remuneration systems is to drive top 
performance at every level, to attract, develop and retain 
the best talent and to align shareholder and employee interest 
in the long run.

The basis of remuneration at Caverion is a fixed base salary,
which is based on job responsibilities, requirements and
experience as well as local market benchmark. Management and 
most of the salaried employees are included in a performance 
based Group short-term incentive, project incentive or service 
incentive plan. Short-term incentives are typically paid annually
and are subject to achievement of the targets.

Performance and development discussions, including target 
setting and results review, as well as continuous feedback 
are an integral part of our management system and drive 
the strategy implementation and achievement of the key 
targets. Through this process all Caverion employees gain 
understanding of how they can contribute to Caverion success, 
what is expected of them and how they can develop their 
competences and performance.

Golden Helmets for best strategy executors

In 2018, Caverion continued the Golden Helmet tradition. 
Through company-wide Golden Helmet recognition, we want to 
award our best strategy executors of the year. The awards are 
given to four individuals or teams who have done extraordinary 
and excellent work for Caverion. In the first round our employees
suggested local nominees for each category and final winners
were chosen by a group of Caverion management members.

The activity among employees for nominating candidates was 
on a high level and resulted in a total of 147 suggestions. 

More about Golden Helmet winners in Caverion Sustainability report 2018.