Increased security with access control

A properly implemented access control system enhances business security. It prevents unauthorised access to business premises while allowing access to employees and other authorised persons. We can integrate access control system to other automated building systems, such as lighting, air-conditioning and lift control systems. Automatic control reduces the energy consumption of the property as equipment and devices are not running unnecessarily while the premises are empty.

Caverion offers expert service for the design, installation and maintenance of access control systems, taking care of the entire supply chain. With systematic maintenance we make sure that equipment remains in operational condition at all times.

We are a manufacturer-independent system supplier and represent access control systems by manufacturers such as: Lenel, Pelco/Esmikko, Hedsam, Flexim and JotBar. 

Our offering:

Higher level of security with integrated security systems

Modern security systems can be utilised for automated personnel management. When purchasing a security system, it can be created an access permit database, which will help to automate most of the daily functions of the company. Automatisation reduces unnecessary work and ensures system operability as human errors are eliminated. At the same time it enhances security.

Plans for the integration must be made when the security system is purchased because not all devices are interoperable. One of the most important things from an integration standpoint is to choose a compatible RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) card technology.

Leasing contract for access control

Our offering also includes access control services at a fixed monthly price. The service contract covers the equipment, spare parts, on-site repair and annual maintenance.