Security and safety systems

In building safety and security management, the focus has shifted toward preemptive security and safety measures like structural fire protection. When you identify the risks, you will be better equipped against them. Versatile services and well-functioning systems contribute to a high level of security and safety. We provide security and safety advisory services to ensure good overall security and safety management. 
Regular maintenance ensures functionality

Good and regular maintenance ensures that the security and safety systems of a building or facility operate as they should. In security and safety matters, one must be sure that the systems are operational and that they can be monitored. 

We repair faults and carry out annual and other scheduled maintenance. If required, we inspect and test the systems regularly. 

We provide safety and security system remote control and monitoring and remote programming services to our clients. We also prepare rescue and security and safety plans and inspect and test installed systems. We always make records of the inspections and tests, and give reports of the results to the client. 

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