Caverion Intelligence - for improving production process performance

The predictive maintenance solution powered by Advanced machine learning

Caverion offers intelligence machine-learning predictive maintenance solution for industrial environments.

Founded on our deep industrial O&M expertise – and designed using algorithms that have been developed for more than 20 years – the solution detects anomalies in industrial processes long before they affect your business.

Complete control over O&M

Deploy in weeks and see results immediately

This solution is a mature and proven for predictive maintenance from a company that knows the O&M business inside out. It typically takes just weeks to get the solution up and running.

We begin with the equipment and process data you have available, and expand to include new data sources as needed. This rapid deployment model – with low up-front investment – means you begin to see results immediately.

Identify process issues long before they affect your business

By discovering anomalies in any process at a very early stage, our intelligence solution enables you to proactively intervene when it’s needed.

The solution has been designed by O&M specialists who have decades of experience working with industrial customers. It fits naturally into the daily workflows of operation and maintenance personnel, with an intuitive web-based interface for viewing data and managing warnings. Notifications can also be delivered to mobile devices.

Reduce the cost of unplanned downtime by up to 50%

The main reason for unplanned downtime is unforeseen equipment failure. In most situations, such failures are preceded by emerging signs that cannot always be detected by conventional monitoring systems.

With its advanced algorithms, with this solution we can detect early warning signals – even weak ones – so that maintenance can be planned proactively. Customers using the solution can typically reduce the costs of unexpected stoppages and downtime by 30-50%.

Future-proof your operations with a secure and robust solution

Caverion's intelligence solution has been designed by specialists who understand the tough demands of the industrial environment. With built-in security features and the ability to handle thousands of signals in real-time, the solution has passed the strictest of auditing requirements from our energy-industry customers.

We continue the developing work  based on the requirements of our deployments, our customers’ needs, and our own industry expertise.


O&M experience meets machine learning

Our self-learning algorithms – developed for more than 20 years – find correlations between large numbers of system-level signals that are unobservable to human operators.

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After an initial learning cycle, Caverion Intelligence can quickly identify abnormal patterns in real-time signal data and generate the appropriate warnings for O&M specialists.

Caverion Intelligence can recognize patterns that are early indications of an upcoming failure – even when the incident happens for the first time. This is thanks to our unique approach of combining large-scale unsupervised learning with continuous user feedback, as well as re-training the machine-learning models whenever needed.

The ability to handle thousands of signals simultaneously, and quickly identify any process anomalies, is what sets Caverion Intelligence apart from monitoring systems that focus on individual parameters only.

The online monitoring system generates intelligent warnings about abnormal signal behavior. The workflow is very familiar to shift operators, but with fewer warnings that bring deeper insights.

It’s quick and easy to handle warnings through the interface developed by our skilled O&M experts and shift operators.

Caverion Intelligence has powerful time series data visualization capabilities for the analysis of trends and past warnings at the asset, system and signal levels.


Today, leading customers in the energy, pharmaceutical, metal, and paper & pulp industries rely on Caverion Intelligence to minimize the costs of unplanned downtime.

Some of our customers

mp intelligence customers

“This solution has enabled Fortum to significantly reduce the unavailability costs at our power plants and based on the value creation so far, we are now planning the roll out to more plants.”

Linda Ramstedt Marklund
Digital Transformation Manager, Fortum

“We started to explore machine learning in our operations and maintenance a few years ago. The results what we have achieved are very encouraging and we are now looking into expanding use of this capability in various parts of our organization.

We have had an excellent partner in this journey. They have a strong service concept with an very capable team, and a mature, proven product which is continuously developed to meet our evolving needs.”

Mikko Laitinen
Reliability Engineering Manager, LSS Black belt, Orion
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