Scalable digital solutions and smart technologies

Smart and digital solutions and the intelligence they provide are a key contributor to making built environments more sustainable, enabling performance and people’s wellbeing. 

Modern properties have to be flexible, adaptable and collaborate with the surroundings. They need to be able to automatically adjust their operations according to the needs of e.g. the energy network which in return helps them operate efficiently. Use of modern data and artificial intelligence, as well as intelligent sustainable refrigeration and heat production is key to optimize a property’s internal operations towards zero emissions.

Different physical technologies act as the foundation of a smart building

In order to enjoy the benefits that smart buildings deliver, your building technology needs to be up to date. This includes e.g.:

Digital technologies

In addition to the physical technologies, smart buildings also include digital technologies that are used to improve building operations and end-user experience. These include e.g.:

Smart services

Smart services are the manifestations of the physical and digital elements of a smart and human centric building. Smart services include e.g.: